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Aelview is perfect for those who want a suburban little tight-knit town for their sims to live in. I had an idea for this. The map is here. It shows lot sizes & community/residential lots. Who doesn’t need a small world with lots of lots?

My idea was for a suburban community where sims had backyards that pretty much backed into each other that kids could travel backyard to backyard, playing till the streetlights came on. I envision a tight and friendly community living here. But of course make of it as you will. 

I will release a save file eventually, and any special lots/houses I make :) Of course you are allowed to create & upload your own save file if it so pleases you :) 

Be aware: This is new, if there are bugs I have not yet found them, but I doubt there will be. If you encounter any issue please message me. 

Details & such: 

  • This is a small world, for us who enjoy small worlds because theyre lag free and or cant load large worlds :P
  • It is completely base game compatible, you do not need any eps. 
  • I made this with patch 1.57, because if you have a mac like me, you haven’t patched because graphics are aheuiwjs :) It will work with later patches.
  • There are plenty of spawners for all you people who like to gather and collect. 
  • There is a lot in the far top right of the map, as I was given an idea for an enchanted forest.. It has not been filled in but it does have trees around so it’s also hidden. It can also be used as just a secluded lot for your sims, or whatever you would like to “hide” :P
  • The beach is also “hidden”. But you can still get there, there is a path hehe. 

Any issues, please message me.  If you take any photos or build on it etc, i’d love for you to show me, so tag it emperorsims or aelview

& Finally, the download 

Needed for BerryView!!!



A berry sweet save of the amazing world called Aelview made by emperorsims!

This save has been made by tinkerbelch and me, but this save also has a couple of sims from other simblrs: eluben - usedtoplaysims - whynotsims - trancegemini - romeo-and-simulet - simsheaven and shipofsims~


EP and SP’s: I used almost every EP that is out there. I also used some things from Town Life and Master Suite.

Houses: This world consists of some of the berry sweet houses by whitsimsHere - Here Not CC free, so be sure to download these houses!

This world also consists of some houses by plumbponetteHere - Here Not CC free, so be sure to download these houses!

This wold also has some houses from risastormHere - Here - Here - Here - Here - Here - Here - Here - Here. I believe all of these houses are CC free, but I just wanted to link them all c;

Rabbit holes: This world has a lot of Berryfied Rabbit holes, and I believe these are all of them: Here (Hospital, Theater, Business Center and the Town Life School) - Here (I only used the spa and bookstore) - And I just downloaded These Rabbit Holes from Apple Loosa Pie.

Skins: Also, All the berries in this town use either Fawkes or Scatter Genes skins

More info:

  • Population of Berryview: All the residents are dressed in different EP clothing or Base Game clothing. There aren’t any pets.
  • Houses: The houses are almost all furnished by the builders whitsims and Risastorm but the houses by Plumbponette are un-furnished because they were originally Vanilla houses. I just recolored the outside. Also there are 2 EA houses on the 20x20 lots that are un-furnished.
  • Empty Lots: There are a few lots that are still empty because I didn’t know what to put there. So let your imagination run free and dress those lots with whatever you want!
  • How to install CC: If you don’t know how to install cc, look over here~
  • How to install the Rabbit Holes: Put them in your Library folder!
  • How to install the Houses: They’ll tell you at their own blog/download page, but I believe you need to put them all in your Library folder!


Aelview by emperorsims

Inspiration: Apple Loosa Pie by simstrology and apatheticsims

And EA of course!


Any questions? Message me or tinkerbelch c;

More pictures of Berryview over here~



Apatheticsims and I, upon request, have decided to berry a town again :) 

Only problem is, we’re not sure which, and that’s where you guys come in! there’s a new poll on my blog where you can vote for a town to be made colorful! 


a 4br+2ba berry sweet house. [ccfree] Lot Size: 44 x 34
this berrysweet house is for tasty-desserts-sweet-sims, this elegant modern home has everything, a large pool with a beautiful view and the house itself is very spacious.
it only on an odd sized lot cause i built it on an existing lot in Bridgeport.
[mediafire] or [exchange]



So I got a new laptop [Dell XPS 15, the i7/8GB RAM model] and it’s awesome and it only set me back £400! :) And before I install all the expansions, I wanted to test out just the base game. Even though no EP/SP content and no CC was a bit depressing, it was so amazingly fast! I didn’t realise I could even enjoy the game this much, I was so used to playing it at my previously slow speed. So anyway, I whipped up a (very) quick house and thought I may as well share it:

‘Base Game Blues’ 
$58,315 (furnished), $20,739 (unfurnished)
1 large bedroom, 1 bathroom + kitchen and lounge-diner
Perfect for single sims or happy couples just starting out.
REQUIRES: Base-game only - no EPs, SPs or CC used.

DOWNLOAD LINK (mediafire)

I love the light blue. :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your berrified Appaloosa Plains. I currently have a family in it right now and it is lovely to say the least. I am looking forward to Cake Island. :) Keep up the awesome work!!!!
berrification-revolution berrification-revolution Said:

AppleLoosa Pie is not our world. We reblogged that post to add it to our index. 

The people who worked very hard to berrify it are Simstrology and Apatheticsims!



Apple Loosa Pie - A Berrified version of Appaloosa Plains.

Happy holidays, Simblr! We both wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year <3 

Apatheticsims and I worked long and hard on this project for one entire month and we hope alot of you will be able to make use of it! This post will contain all information about this world and what we did to it, we both put an equal amount of effort into it, too!

THIS IS FOR PATCHES 1.39 AND UP, IF YOU AREN’T PATCHED TO 1.39 IT WON’T WORK FOR YOU. (well yes it will, but some of the skins on people won’t show up!)


In regards to:

Townies: We repopulated the world with berry sweet sims, all dressed in base game and pets clothing except for their fawkes skin, that you will need if you want all sims to show up the way they should. If you don’t have fawkes, the sims will most likely show up with black skin. We went ahead and rid all households of pets incase they caused anyone lag. We recolored the houses already placed and made by EA to suit the sims living in it and added bios to most of the townies. If you can, you should take a minute to read them. If you follow me at simstrology, you’ll notice that I placed a few extended velvet family members in the world for you to play with (Pastel Peppermint and Vanilla Razz as a couple and Cosmic Velvet). All households are cc free. Scout Luce, Preston Luce, Gossip and Spring Pastella also make an appearance.

Rabbit Holes Apatheticsims worked really hard on recoloring all the rabbit holes to suit the berrified version of Appaloosa plains. They should show up fine if you installed the packages right. They look just they way they should from map view as they do upclose. I hope you can take the chance to explore the world and appreciate what Apatheticsims did with almost every rabbit hole :) (I left the bistro and the spa/bookstore alone, I liked their colors!)

Unoccupied homes: We left the unoccupied houses unoccupied and as they are for you to either play with or put your own townies in. It’s not a big amount of empty houses but it’s definitely something to get you started.

Expansion packs: You will only need Pets & of course base game for this. 

If you don’t know how to download the custom content needed for this world, click here.


inspiration: Berry’s sugar valley.

Appaloosa Plains: EA

Inge & Peterj for S3PE and S3OC



if you have any more questions regarding Apple Loosa Pie, message me or apatheticsims

If you don’t like something about the town, or want to add other-expansion related lots, PLEASE go right ahead, even if it means removing a residential lot. If you’d like another Expansion RH recolored, please message me @ apatheticsims.

We both want you to be happy with where you’re playing! 

Gift by apatheticsims & simstrology | 03/12/12


Just yes.

Adding to our list of Berry Worlds! Thank You for your work! Squee! 

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So I talked to MSR about editing Storybrook County, one of the worlds she (?) created, to be berrified and colorful and appropriate for a Berry-world, and releasing it to the Sims community, and I got the okay.

However…. although Storybrook County was an amazing location, it’s just a little too big for my ambitions. So I browsed MSR’s other beautiful worlds, and I found Cascade Shores. I’m going to ask permission to edit this one instead of Storybrook, and release it when I finish.

If I counted right, Cascade Shores has sixty homes, which isn’t as many to edit and switch around as in Storybrook, I think.

The world will be released in two versions: one with only the home edits, and one with population included.

If you want to be part of this project, feel free to check out below for the types of families I’m looking for to put into the world, or if you have any other ideas how you can help, send me a message, and we’ll have a chat! :D

The list will be sectioned off based on sections in the map, which you can see below:

(click to enlarge and for numbered guide)

So, without further ado, the family list! 

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Signal boosting! 


It’s done.

And I used no CC.

Anyone want it? :3


30x30 lot

2 Bedrooms, Nursery, Open kitchen/dining, Office, laundry, large garage, ensuite to master bedroom. 

Comes Fully Furnished, no CC. 

DOWNLOAD LINK [library file]


Jinkies!(A disco club)

Built in the mid-70’s by a retired private eye who got the idea from her “stoner friend and his meddlesome dog”, Jinkies! has been a hotspot for many of the local university students, hipsters, and anyone who just happens to catch some Saturday night fever! What are you waiting for? Grab your platform shoes, dig out your bell-bottoms, pop those collars, and come out tonight!

Lot size = 25x25

VIP room with small dance floor & bubble bar (Celebrity level 1 access)

Bouncer at entrance will let anyone in.

Includes retro entertainment such as Skee ball, an arcade, and a claw crane game.

Download (sims3pack)

Nice little disco!

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